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We are a full service designers who help wonderful people show their superpowers & achieve their professional goals.

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We provide services to ambitious people who want to succeed in a time of huge competition across all fields. We offer a full service for individual projects & have a team of awesome designers and consultants who are ready to get in touch and create an attractive resume. 





We make a difference.

That’s why it works.

It is not enough to be good at what you do. If you want to succeed in a highly competitive environment, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and make people interested.

Why do customers choose certain suppliers and not others? Why does someone get a job right away and another looks for months? The solution is simple. Find your strengths, set your mind to success and show people how good you are. We will help you with all that.

Personal Branding

We help to build personal brands and create stories that emphasize you and your qualities. Your contacts will remember you!

Web Design

Attractive design of our resume is based on visual communication & interaction, psychology, marketing, branding and copywriting.



If you are just starting a business or are at the start of a career and you do not know where to go, we will be happy to help you clarify your goals and guidance through a strategy.



We like to build long-term relationships and therefore our work does not end with creating a profile. Should you be seeking further advice or need to update your resume, we are here for you.

What is an online resume?


Curious what we do? Have look here at the FAQ about our service. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is myresume?

Myresume is a platform for individuals who want to present their work and experience for marketing purposes. Our clients are mainly freelancers and job seekers, yet we are excited to work with anyone who cares about their personal branding. 

How is a profile created?

The process consists of two parts. The first is analyzing your goals, strengths and preferences. Once we know all this, we start designing your resume. We provide you with a graphic and content sketch and after your approval, we finish the page, send you a link & you can share your profile as much as you need. 

What's my profile address?

The default profile address is on our domain, www.myresume.ie/you. We also offer a website designing service of a larger format on your own domain www.you.ie, which is suitable for established entrepreneurs or well-known personalities (artists, athletes, speakers etc).

Is the resume length unlimited?

No, unfortunately not. As part of our price packages, we offer one page resumes covering up to 5 areas of focus (you can find some reference here). If you wish a longer presentation, we will be happy to make you an offer. 

How long does it take to get my online resume?

Resume designing time depends on several factors. The most important is you: for the best results, we will need to work closely to gather the information we need. We usually process a resume within 10 business days from receiving all this. Are you in a rush? Let us know, we always try to find a way. 


Myresume is a team of web designers and HR consultants with a passion for personal branding and business. We are super excited to have managed to combine all this in one. We help ambitious people succeed by finding and focusing on their unique capabilities and skills while highlighting their personality. 

We love talking to people and creating attractive, personalized profiles, that have the power to engage exactly those who are being reached. We want the perfect result for you & are here to help you differentiate yourself from your competition and start a successful business or a fulfilling career.



I would never have thought of having a resume-style profile on the web. OMG who would go there? But I tried it and had an incredible response – before the HR wouldn’t even answer my emails, but when I sent them a link to my resume, they invited me for interviews and were impressed. I have a job now, but I really loved the service and recommend it..”


graduate in economics

I came here for coaching in career counseling. I couldn’t find a job that would fill me, and when I was invited for an interview, I was never offered the job. With Petra from myresume, I clarified my priorities, focused on my strengths and preferences, and completely refreshed my resume. She told me more in an hour than any other consultant in ten sessions. I totally recommend her!



Cooperation with the guys from myresume is a great experience! They have a perfectly managed procedure, are always superbly prepared and very willing to meet all needs. Thanks for the consultation and creating my profile, I am extremely satisfied.



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