While in the past those who were “a little different” faced ridicule, nowadays otherness has turned into a competitive advantage. If you cleverly differentiate yourself from the majority or turn an apparent weakness into an advantage, it can help. When looking for new clients, a job interview and in everyday life. And we know how to achieve uniqueness.

Life is too short to do only what is expected of us. Therefore, try to cross the boundaries, try new things and be yourself. Some may think you are crazy, but one thing is for sure – you will be different, original and unmissable. What qualities and abilities should you cultivate to achieve such a state?

1. Healthy self-confidence

Try to look at leaders across a variety of disciplines. What do they have in common? They are confident, they believe in the success of their projects, and when they do something, something just doesn’t discourage them. If you want to succeed, you should trust yourself too. And love yourself. Because investing time, energy or even money in something you are not one hundred percent behind makes no sense.

2. Creativity

Do you have a head full of ideas? Try to bring them into reality. Creativity will only help most projects, so don’t keep it to yourself, but share it with others. Your visions may seem crazy, bold, and unworkable to some people, and maybe they will be, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be one worthwhile among the many seemingly crazy ideas.

3. Determination to try new things

Do you think that you are somehow stagnant on a professional level and you are running on the same spot? Change it! Resign and find a new job, refresh your business or throw yourself into a whole new area. It may not be easy, but you will see that change will kick you and bring new impulses to your life. In addition, there are people who can help you with an earthquake in the professional sphere.

4. Courage to leave your comfort zone

Anyone who has been moving in well-defined and well-known mantinels for a long time should, from time to time, plan some activity that will force him to leave the comfort zone. One should embark on new challenges to see how far one can push one’s boundaries. It often turns out that the things you was originally afraid of are actually great and exciting. And it’s a feeling worth experiencing.

5. The desire to learn

The basis of professional success is keeping up with the times. Once the train passes, you will have a hard time jumping into the next one. Therefore, constantly educate yourself, keep an overview of your field and work on yourself. This does not mean that you have to do everything in accordance with current trends, but it is good to keep track of them at least.

6. The art of accepting negative feedback

Praise will please everyone. Less so criticism. Nevertheless, if you do not succeed, try to accept any reproaches, learn from them and use them to your own advantage. This is, of course, a constructive and well-meaning criticism that is usually given to you by the people who care about you. Do you face annoying and evil remarks? If they are not justified, let them go. You definitely have better things to do than suffocate with unnecessary negativity.

7. Positive thinking

Is your glass always half-empty? This is not a very ideal setting for life. Sure, you can’t change your character with a click of the fingers, but still try to find something positive in every event you encounter. For starters, in the evening make sure that you always look back at the past day and try to find a nice thing in it. You may be surprised that you usually remember something. And maybe you will gradually learn to look at life with slightly different and more positive eyes.