Personal brand or personal branding. These are buzzwords that have been used in business, marketing and HR in recent years. All terms are related –⁠ they indicate the effort of individuals or companies to create a strong position in the market associated with specific characteristics, connotations and a certain added value.

If you want to succeed among the competition, you have to “make a name for yourself” in your field. This means building a certain reputation, highlighting the qualities that set it apart from others, and making yourself and its services known. In short, to become an active co-creator of your career and your own position on the market, no matter how professionally you work in any field.

Brand building is a conscious and long-term process that definitely does not take weeks or months, but rather years. The aim is to differentiate itself from the competition, add “something extra” to the business and develop activities that allow customers to think of a specific face or product when saying the name or name of the company. So to create something like an ideal image of how a person or brand should work on the outside.

Let others know what makes you unique!

A personal brand or personal brand is a set of values, characteristics and associations that should be reminded to people in connection with a particular individual in connection with his work activities. The goal of creating a personal brand is to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a strong position in the market through qualities that are unique to the person or the service he offers.

It is therefore a well-thought-out system of self-presentation, which gives the individual a competitive advantage and strengthens his position in the field in which he is engaged. A strong personal brand should be clear, easy to remember and the basic pillars on which it stands should not change over time. The strategy of building a personal brand is called personal branding.

Are you groping? Sometimes a little advice may be needed

A well set up personal brand will improve your market position and give you and your products credibility. This increases the chance that new customers will contact you, potentially increasing your profits. But in addition, it will help you create the image of an expert who understands his field, is well versed in it, and also enjoys his work.

That sounds good, don’t you think? If you want to create your own personal brand, but you don’t know where to start, a consultation with a career counselor can kick you in the beginning. He can look at your business comprehensively, at a distance and evaluate it constructively. It will help you clarify what your strengths and weaknesses are and what makes you different – and maybe even better – than your competitors. And that’s the first important step to building a truly strong personal brand.

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