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We design professional online resumes based on you, your cababilities, skills and personality.

Online resume

The only introduction you need.

Bet on your uniqueness and use a new tool for a professional, personalized online presentation to help you get the job of your dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a budding artist or a job hunter; you need to convince potential clients or employers that you are the best candidate.

Take advantage of our offers of creating an attractive custom web presentation. We will identify your strengths, mix colours and create a summary based on a combination of unique competencies and your personality that will sell.

We design functional resumes that bring results.

Personalized content

We create each resume content based on a detailed analysis of your target group, goals, experience and personality to make it work perfectly. Just choose a design that appeals to you, get in touch with us and let us create something special.

Fully responsive profile

We automatically create all pages as fully responsive. Your future customers or employers can view your resume on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – and it will always be perfect.


Do you have your own pictures, videos or captions? They can definitely be part of your resume! You don’t? No worry, we have lots of professional images in our database that we can use. Each page is created to marketing, personal branding or recruitment standards. We know how to design professional profiles, personal interest pages and online resumes for job seekers.

Get creative!

Do you have your own graphic design or content proposal? Great! We are here to give you an honest opinion and make it alive. Together with you, we create a resume that capture what sets you apart from others, and that emphasizes all about you.


User Experience

The summary is prepared after consultation and careful analysis by an experienced expert in personal marketing, HR and web design so the profile resonates with your target group. 

Attractive design

We do not write the summary in Word, but create it online. Using attractive background colours, images and videos, animations, infinite font options, and a distinctive design to say what you need to say.


Following trends

We follow trends in marketing and recruitment. We write texts that will make your target group interested and we design presentations that capture your wonderful personality.


All-in-one solution

Our services include a comprehensive solution. We are experts in UX design, content strategy, design and SEO. We are happy to help with copywriting. Our team works hard to do their own research (business, competitors, product).

How do I know if an online resume will work for me?


Is the service for me?

Yes, if you are a freelancer or a small entrepreneur and you want to present your work: show references, say what you do, show what you can do.

It’s also job seekers who love our service. They get an attractive resume that is interactive, created according to latest trends in HR and shows everything HR professionals are looking for. 

Why do I need a professional?

Marketing, business and HR are super-fast growing disciplines that require a lot of attention and constant learning. If you want to be at the forefront, it pays to work with someone who continuously follows these trends for you and can implement them so that they bring you maximum results.

What makes it attractive?

While your resume is created based on the latest standards in web design and marketing (business, personal), their charm is that they are always distinctive. They are unique, responsive, functional & answering questions before they are asked. They capture your personality. That’s a combination that makes you interesting. And that’s exactly what you need – be unforgettable for your customers or attractive enough for recruiters to invite you for an interview. We can do that and we are happy to to get in touch!

What's the added value of online resume?

The added value of our profiles is about uniqueness and focussing.  It’s all about you and your target audience. If you are not sure how to interest your potential customers, we will advise you on business and marketing issues. If you long for the dream job and do not know how to get there, we will create an unforgettable profile that will be your ticket to the interviews.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will get customers or your dream job. Marketing communication and personal branding is a complex, long term activity that requires your time and strategy, but we help you define your goals, find your strengths and decide how to present yourself so that it will bring you the best results possible.

Want your own personalised and attractive online resume? Feel free to let us know, it’s super easy!


Get In Touch!

Let us know that you are interested in our service. You can call, write an email, fill out the contact form or pick the design you like and go directly to the Project Planner. 

Pick Your Design

In the Resume Design section you will find a number of profiles in different styles. Choose the design that you like the most and we will go from there. 


Plan Your Project

In order to create an unforgettable profile, we need to learn a lot about you, your business, customers, focus and preference. Questions awaits in the Project Planner.


Get Your Resume

We start working on your profile. Our designer may need to get in touch with you for more information but soon after that… Your resume is ready to represent you! 


Resume most suitable for graphic designers, copywriters, consultants, accountants, writers and artists. A tailor-made resume that is designed with your target clients in mind to greatly support your business.

€ 399

€ 289

What's in

Initial analysis

SEO optimization

Resume design

Content creation assistance

Address on myresume.ie

Profile maintenance

Online 12 months

Pricing from € 399 with additional services available

Job Hunter

Great for those who want to attract recruiters and get the job of their dreams. If you are tired of sending just a pdf and want to be different from others, this is what you are looking for.

€ 449

€ 339

What's in

Initial analysis

Up to 2 hrs consulting

Resume design

Content creation assistance 

Address on myresume.ie 

Resume maintenance 

Online 6 months

Resume in PDF

Pricing from € 449 with additional services available


A comprehensive solution for freelancers and small entrepreneurs looking for a website vendor to redesign or create a functional presentation on their own domain.

€ 1,999

€ 1,299

What's in

Business analysis

Personal branding analysis

Content consulting

UX design

Customized graphic design

Address on own domain

WordPress configuration

Basic site maintenance

Custom number of pages

Pricing from € 1,999 with additional services available

What Design Will You Go For?

Do you wonder what an online resume looks like or are you looking for inspiration for your own design? Take a look at the designs we have prepared. All of them are fully customizable and we are adding more every week!

Ready to Start Your Project?

Start your online personal marketing today and get your own personalized resume. We will create a powerful tool for you to succeed; all it takes is answering a couple of questions for us to understand what’s important for you.

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